FREELANCERTECH partenaire du GDG-DevCamp 2015

FREELANCERTECH partenaire du GDG-DevCamp 2015 évènements organisés par le GDG (Google Developers Groups) Yaoundé.


Objectif :

I. GDG| DevCamp 2015
The GDG DevCamp is Camp of training, code lab and mentoring organised by GDG Yaounde. the goal is to give participants the prerequisites and tools to master the Android, web and cloud development. These trainings consist of several courses so sessions and practical work, at the end of the course, each learner will present a project as an Android app and/or web app. that it may submit in one of the current challenges.
During the GDG DevCamp, the trainings and code labs will be addressed to the following audiences :

  • Engineering students
  • Computer Science Students
  • Developers
  • IT Engineer
  • IT Passionates

The main obective of GDG DevCamp is to promote the Native development Android App, web app with Google App Engine and use Google APIs. We identified the following specific objectives:

  • Build an Android app step-by-step with Android Studio
  • Write code and deploy apps to Google Cloud Platform
  • To do the Code Labs of Google I/O 2015
  • To prepare participants for the MTN Innovation Challenge
  • To prepare participants for ANTIC Innovation Challenge & Orange Challenge
  • Coaching & mentoring participants for MTN, Orange & ANTIC Challenges
  • To achieve these objectives (projects) a number of activities are carried out to better master their advancement processes. These activities are presented in the section below.

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